How Art Enhances Your Space

Sonia Patwardhan
3 min readOct 5, 2023


Art is the difference between a house and a home — artworks give a space character. As a gallerist and the founder Laasya Art, I often hear from clients that they find the process of buying art intimidating. I believe buying art should be an intuitive process of selecting work that speaks to your tastes and experiences, and living with art can be a daily source of beauty, inspiration and comfort.

Here are some of the benefits of having art in our homes:

Creates ambience

Whether the paintings are bold and joyful or soft and soothing, art imbues a room with a certain mood.

Connects us to our culture and heritage

I believe art is an extension of who we are, and that the kind of art we are drawn to is a reflection of ourselves. As a first generation immigrant myself, I am invariably drawn to art and objects that remind me of ‘home.’

Defines a focal point in a room

When I am visiting a home for an art consultation, I always want to know where a client spends the most time with their family or friends. And then I invariably like to hang a large, high impact artwork in those gathering areas.

Adds visual intrigue

Art introduces variety in texture and depth, especially when there is a mix of oil or acrylic paintings, fiberglass or metal sculpture, mixed media artworks and textiles.

Produces a ‘gestalt’ effect

When the various elements in the room complement each other, from the flooring and furniture to the wall decor and art, a space feels in harmony and in sync. When everything clicks, the difference is palpable.

Here are a few clients on how art transformed their homes:

The paintings totally changed the energy in the rooms. I’ve purchased paintings by a few different artists and each speaks to me differently. Some are soulful and meditative, and others bring pure joy and energize me, every day! The way each artist has played with colors, bringing their vision to life on the canvas, is like recreating a family recipe with the play of different spices, and the result that’s created with so much love astounds you! I connect with most Indian artists, and the translation of their creative inspiration into art really fills me with awe and gives me much happiness.
—SK, Cupertino, California

The artworks we bought have added an elegance and warmth to our home. And these pieces are always admired by visitors too. The colors and subjects in the art add a vibrancy to the atmosphere in our house, spreading a lot of positive energy and spiritual peace. We love each and every work in our collection!
— RP, Palo Alto, California

Imagine a space with blank walls vs. ones with art on it — art adds life! I feel artworks are the key to enjoying a home that is an expression of your unique personality.

— Sonia Patwardhan



Sonia Patwardhan

Curator, founder & entrepreneur of Laasya Art Gallery in Palo Alto, California. Passionate about raising awareness of contemporary and traditional Indian art.