Over the past year, navigating COVID-19 as a gallery owner has been both interesting and challenging in many ways. One of the more surprising outcomes has been an increase in demand for commissioned paintings. In this blog, I share with you a very interesting commission project we recently did with contemporary artist Basuki Das Gupta.

A client approached Laasya Art to commission a painting for a wall in their study, which connects to a great room that includes the living and dining rooms. …

Saturated scenes of rainforests, lotuses, heliconias, hummingbirds, butterflies and macaws — artist Senaka Senanayake is renowned for his ability to render the majesty and joy of nature on canvas. One of the most sought-after contemporary artists from Asia today, Senaka’s journey began in Sri Lanka, where he was born and raised. He was identified as an artistic prodigy at a very young age, and by the time he turned 10, he had already exhibited in prestigious institutions both in Sri Lanka and abroad. …

Serene, majestic, uplifting — these are the words that immediately spring to mind to describe artist Madhuri Bhaduri’s poignant seascapes and landscapes. Across her major series including Reflections, Moon, Horizons and Seascapes, she demonstrates a skilled command of color in bold yet cheerful hues. She does not depict figurative scenes of nature but instead captures the abstract feel of it — fleeting moments of rain, shadows and glimmers of light.

Having exhibited around the world in more than 40 solo and over 100 group shows, Madhuri Bhaduri is certainly an established artist today. But her path to success was an…

Art can provide an important connection to our cultural heritage, and Indian art is simply rich in traditions that date back hundreds and thousands of years. One of the most popular traditional art forms is Madhubani painting, which claims roots in Indian mythology and takes its name from its geographic origin in northern Bihar.

Madhubani art — also known as Mithila art— is particularly special, with its unique use of local plants for colors, cow dung to treat the paper and bamboo sticks that serve as brushes, not to mention the beauty and simplicity of the paintings themselves. …

Jagannath Paul reveals one of his recent canvases.

Leading Indian artist Jagannath Paul is famous for his mixed media works that explore themes of togetherness and intimacy — through semi-abstract images of men and women’s faces, he explores how each person can contain a multitude of personalities. Although I have personally known Jagannath since 2012 and have worked with him through Laasya Art for many years, I had not heard his artistic journey until I sat down with him earlier this year. It is a truly inspiring story of self-belief, perseverance and ambition.

In his own words, Jagannath Paul recounts his story:

Many art enthusiasts assume that starting a collection of their own is simply a dream. After all, the art on display in museums is known to be extremely valuable, and there are frequent headlines about paintings selling at auction for astronomical prices. But the fact is that it’s possible to find quality art from credentialed artists at a reasonable price.

I, for one, am passionate about challenging the notion that owning fine art is an unattainable luxury. I believe art makes a great contribution to humanity and to our mental, physical and spiritual health, thereby contributing to an overall sense…

Although the art of serigraphy has been around for 100 years (and other methods of printmaking far longer than that), fine art prints have become one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the art market in the past decade. Within the scope of Indian art specifically, there is tremendous interest among clients to own a signed print by the Modernist Masters like M.F. Husain and S.H. Raza, whose original paintings are otherwise unaffordable for many.

Yet while the demand for serigraphs has grown, collectors invariably have a lot of questions about the process, their value and how they differ…

Contemporary Indian artist Bharti Prajapati firmly believes in the importance of inviting creativity into our daily lives. Art has helped her to navigate the unexpected twists and turns of life, and she finds that this can be a powerful medium for everyone, not just professional artists.

Sacred Waters, Acrylic, gold and copper on Belgian Linen, 30 x 57 inches

Art has the power to soothe, heal and inspire — all qualities that feel vitally important in these strange and challenging times. Today, contemporary Indian artist Vinita Karim reflects on the ability of art to help center oneself and express gratitude.

The healing power of art feels more relevant and necessary than ever during these strange and challenging times. As part of Laasya Art’s response to COVID-19 and resulting ‘stay-at-home’ orders around the world, this series of posts turns to various visual and performing artists for their insights on how art contributes to their well-being.

Today, leading contemporary Indian artist Seema Kohli will share her personal experience with art as a vital aspect of well-being. An internationally recognized artist, Seema has shown widely in India, the United States and Europe, including her recent solo exhibition at the Museum of Sacred Art…

Sonia Patwardhan

Curator, founder & entrepreneur of Laasya Art Gallery in Palo Alto, California. Passionate about raising awareness of contemporary and traditional Indian art.

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